Invite to JAWA for Jedi vs Guns Event

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Invite to JAWA for Jedi vs Guns Event

Post by JAWAMooku on Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:12 am

Hello AZ! This is Mooku from (JAWA). I invite you to attend a Jedi vs Gunners themed event that we will be having for our Ambassador Night on Friday, March 3rd at 3:30 PM EST.

I'm hoping this thread is in the correct place. If a leader would contact me regarding this event that would be appreciated. I look forward to gaming with you guys!


Event name: JAWA and AZ - Jedi vs Gunners

Host name: (JAWA)PadawanMooku

Support: (JAWA)CouncilFrosty

Date+Time: Friday, February 10th, 8:30 PM (JAWA Time) or 3:30 PM EST

Location: (JAWA) Server

Gametype: Team FFA

Map: ffa3


This is a Team FFA where a Force/lightsaber-using team will battle against a gun-using team. Teams will be picked by appointed captains. Force powers, map weapons and ammo will be ENABLED. Friendly fire along with health and armor pickups will be DISABLED. Each round will last 15 minutes. The whichever team has the higher score at the end of 15 minutes is the winner. A minimum of 2 rounds will be played.


Lightsaber / Force Team

- May use any set of Force powers.
- May only use lightsaber and melee. May NOT use guns (even if picked up by mistake).

Guns Team

- Force JUMP must be restricted to LEVEL 1 or 2. May NOT use any other Force powers.
- May only use melee, guns, and ammo gathered from the map. May NOT use the lightsaber.


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