Rank Hierarchy

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Rank Hierarchy

Post by AchiYami on Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:03 pm

From highest to lowest, the rank structure is as follows :

Kage (council admin and website admin)

The Kage are the joint leaders of Azuma Zaibatsu and the sole leaders of their respective guilds.

Hancho (knight admin and forum moderator)

The Hancho are second in command of their guilds and are available to act as stand in Kage for the majority of talks. All Hancho are given instructions on how to perform in the event of acting as a stand in.

Jounin (Instructor admin)

Jounin are the military elite of Azuma Zaibatsu and are proven both in combat and in leadership ability. A Jounin may command a squad of 2 Chuunin or 3 Genin in missions and are able to elect Genin to participate in a special trial to accelerate their progression.


Chuunin are experienced warriors and adept leaders. Chuunin are Genin who have participated in enough missions to show a proficiency for both combat and keep. A Chuunin may lead a squad of up to 3 Genin in missions, and may vouch for an Academy Student to potentially accelerate their progression.


Genin are the most numerous in rank, as they make up the majority of forces and squad. Any Genin who proves themselves both in and out of combat will find themselves swiftly on the way to Chuunin. Genin is the first rank in which you may participate a in missions.

Academy Student

Student is the initial rank of Azuma Zaibatsu. You are guiltless and are judged on both your activity and you sure. Promotion from Academy Student is dependant also on choosing a guild. You will be asked by a Hancho of Kage to choose a guild when they believe you are ready to advance. This is normally a week or less proceed if you are active and have a decent attitude.

All ranks, including their benefits are subject to change.


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