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Ranking System

Post by Masato on Thu Dec 22, 2016 12:13 am

Wassup ma ninjas? This will be the new ranking system for the Azuma Zaibatsu clan (v.2016)!

Many of you have been wondering how we are going to rank people up and I kind of came up with this system when I wrote three missions for Pepper and Achi. Now that I am acting Hokage I spoke with Achi and we agreed to give it a go. So without further ado this is our ranking system.

To progress from one rank to the next it will be necessary for you to acquire XP. There are currently two forms of XP; Participation and Leadership. Currently both forms of XP are only available via participating in missions or tourneys, but this will likely be modified in the near future. When you have acquired the requisite amount of XP to rank up, you will Unlock the trial for that rank. This means that you will be eligible to take the trial, however, the trial will only be given at the Kage's discretion. Example: If you are a Genin and you have acquired the XP to trial for Chuunin, but you have exhibited poor character (remember we have no rules so it'd have to be fairly bad) or other circumstances like rank population, your trial may be put on hold.

Participation XP: This XP is just what it sounds like. If you take part in a mission or any other source of XP you are able to receive participation XP.

Leadership XP: Leadership XP is just that. If you lead a mission you will get a certain amount of XP based on the result. Note: If a mission is failed, leadership XP acquired will be less.

Current XP Requirements:
To be promoted from Genin to Chuunin you will need 100 Participation XP and 50 Leadership XP

To be promoted from Chuunin to Jounin you will need 100 Participation XP and 100 Leadership XP

Note: XP will not carry over from rank so from Genin to Jounin its 200 participation and 150 leadership. Also, after your promotion to Chuunin, XP will reset to 0. So if you got 110 Participation and 60 Leadership to get Chuunin, that's just extra effort Wink.

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